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This 3 hour class is offered at three technical difficulty levels, with
design sets for each levelwhich you choose at the time of booking.
Each couple/pair will make a total set of 4, 4" coaster tiles, using glass
painting techniques including brush, wafer, and palette knive. Guided
tutorials will be provided for the design sets on all levels.

Level 1 Design Sets: No experience with glass is required for this
course- recommended for beginners-child friendly (5 years and up)
with adult supervision
    -"Rainbow Confetti" - Bright, colorful, and fun, this deign set is
    happy and easy to make!  Let's play!
    -"Abstract Gardens"-  Dots of color and splashes of green create
    dreamy impressions of a lovely garden. Beautiful and stress free

Level 2 Design sets:  Some art background or prior experience with
glass is recommended-Older children (12 years and up) with adult
    -"French Impressions" - These are coasters that Monet would
    love! Create your mini masterpieces using guided designs that
    mimic the famous French masters!
    -"Hot Dogs or Cool Cats" -  These two design sets are very
    similar techniques, creating a playful foursome of wild pet
    portraits.  Some simple glass cutting will be introduced at this level.
    -"Silhouettes" - Capture the essence of the subject as a black
    silhouette against a colorful background. Learn how to use glass
    powders and stencils, or trace a design and "free-line) your

Level 3 Design Sets: Prior painting or intermediate glass experience is
highly recommended;
    -"4 Seasons", "Sea Scapes", "Landscapes"Create a beautiful,
    peaceful landscape painting with glass powders and pure aloe gel
    with Brushes and/or palette knife.

We'll also use a variety of other glass media, including frits, noodles,
stringer, and confetti. The cost is the same for all levels, and includes
professional instruction, the use of tools, firing, sheet glass, frits, and
self-stick cork backings.  The tiles will be fired after the class and
available for pick-up a few days later

Cost:  (This class is booked as pairs) $150/per first pair, plus $140
each additional pair.
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