Deja Vu Crystal Lights "Date"
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This 3 hour class will allow your inner child to come out and play, while
the adult feels good about "saving the planet" (think of grown-up
kindergarten). Each student will be making 2, 4" recycled window glass
night lights, decorating them with crushed recycled glass bottle frits,
and compatible colored powders and frits. You can choose a trace one
of our line drawings, or just make up your own design. the cost
includes professional instruction, the use of tools, firing, pre-cut glass
tiles, powders and frits, and night light kits. The tiles will be first fired
to a contour fuse (soft sparkly texture), and then a given a second
drape fire to give them a slight curve. They will be available for pick-up
a few days later.

No experience with glass is required for this course
- recommended for beginners
-child friendly (5 years and up) with adult supervision

Cost:  $130/per first couple, plus $60 each additional person;
(all materials, including 2 sensor night light kits per person)
On-going "Date" Classes