Swan Song Memorials
...because the love song should never end
Crematory memorials for your human beloved or cherished pet as an enduring remembrance of

    We have personally experienced the grief of having to say goodbye to people that we have
    dearly loved, and animals who have made their home with us, when it has been their time to
    pass over. We understand what a sensitive and personal service we are offering, and we will
    create your memorial with the same love and respect that we have made our own, as if it were
    our own family.

    Our fused glass memorial collections are personally designed by myself, Cynthia Ann Swan. We
    lovingly work to create these precious symbols of undying love. These designs are carefully
    executed, one at a time, by hand in our own studio, ensuring the highest possible quality and
    regard for the respectful handling of your precious ashes and organic materials.

    Our memorials are created using a kiln to melt the glass and cremains into the different shaped
    memorials. We can also use hair, fur,  plant materials (such as rose petals) or sand/soil in the
    memorial. When using hair or plant material, we will infuse it with powdered glass and colored
    oxides. When the memorial is heated to melting temperatures, the organic material burns
    away, leaving a perfect copy of the hair or plant materials like a glass fingerprint. It is a lot like
    the petrified wood process .

    The designs pictured in our gallery are representative of your finished item, but no two
    memorials will ever be exactly alike. Your memorial will be a true work of art, made to order
    exclusively for you.

    We have special package discounts for weddings, beach weddings, births, anniversaries, and
    other Living Memory events, as well as crematory memorial packages.  We also accept custom
    orders and commissions.

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